Grassland & Residential Management

With the warm weather come the weeds. Whether your drive is starting to look overrun, or your manicured lawns beginning to look a little less perfect, Cozens Wiley is here to help. Our small scale equipment is able to treat your lawn without damaging your grass and we are able to provide a one off service or an ongoing maintenance contract.

In addition to general maintenance and weed control services we are also expert in the cultivation and planting of butterfly and bumblebee strips. These are an attractive addition to any garden, encouraging insect life and bringing health and vitality to the flower bed or vegetable patch. We provide services throughout East Anglia, including:

  • Weed control in lawns 
  • Weed control on drives
  • Re-seeding lawns, pasture and meadow
  • Grass Cutting
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Planting and maintaining 'butterfly and bumblebee' strips.
  • Annual maintenance contracts available

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